Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Peggy Thrasher

Mad Confetti

This basket is made of satin ribbon using the Madweave technique. A base is constructed using ribbons that wrap around covering both sides of the base. The upper basket is woven into the base providing a very stable basket. Many colors of ribbons are included, creating the look of confetti.

exhibition award
Award: “Prismatastic” – most colorful
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H: 4" | W: 4.25" | D: 4.25"
Peggy Thrasher
Durham NH
My baskets are a celebration of the beauty of mathematics in the physical world. Patterns promote peace and a grounded-ness because they are predictable. Yet complex patterns are also surprising, causing the viewer to question their assumptions and begin to see things in new ways. The triaxial weave used in my baskets utilizes three directions of weaving rather than the typical two directions. This provides an unusual pattern to the baskets, yet one that is pleasant and feels correct. The twill weaving (over 1, under 2) allows the strips to nest very tightly, and provides many interesting color patterns.
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