Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Paula Gron

Life thru Decay

Discharge dye, stamped, painted cotton with couched threads. Quilted through pellon with cotton stamped backing. Stitched construction.

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H: 12" | W: 12" | D: 10"
Paula Gron
Kingwood TX
My work focuses on the destruction of plant habitats with an understanding of threats and the need for conservation. The forms of these life-giving seeds and pods are fascinating in complexity and always give me inspiration for unusual dimensional construction. I am interested in beauty from decay through the pods and seeds of nature. As the most complex structure that a plant produces, I rely on my experience in weaving, sewing, and quilt technique to select the process needed to construct such forms. I work from the IUCN Red List database for extinction information as well as with a few botany scientists locally. I do not aim to duplicate nature but to celebrate its beauty.
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