Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Emily Dvorin

Life Is Complicated

Coiled basketry and assemblage using rusted chicken wire, shoelaces, zippers, cording, fabric, rubber, elastic, beading, cable and cable ties

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H: 24" | W: 22" | D: 18"
Emily Dvorin
Kentfield CA
I call myself a sculptural basket maker. My work focuses on transforming common, everyday materials into innovative, transordinary vessels that reflect abstract ideas, including societal excess and throwaway consumerism. I repurpose, manipulate, construct, alter, coil and weave to develop pieces that marry modern aesthetic with whimsy. I strive to change the definition of basketry by exploring contemporary interpretations of a traditional craft using non-traditional ingredients. I believe anything can be basket material. Thus, as unorthodox mediums are reinterpreted as fibers, I can illustrate the concept that even unexpected objects, that we take for granted, can be works of art.
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