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Jackie Thomas

Lean In. It’s Complicated

Change in culture is fascinating to look back on historically. “Lean in” refers to the defining, planning and implementation of a change process. I am coiling and twining over a core bundle of 4-ply waxed linen strands of all the colors to be pulled from the bundle to wrap/coil (allowing for complex patterns). I wrap one color (one strand) at a time around the core to create a solid color and changing the strand to another color to create a pattern. To prevent tangling, I keep the core strands short, requiring constant splicing. NOTE that the wrapped/coiled strands do not overlap; each wrap is laid over the core side-by-side. I use a tapestry needle to facilitate twining (figure-8 stitch) to attach one row of coiling to another).

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H: 3" | W: 11" | D: 7.45"
Jackie Thomas
Williamsport PA
Jackie Thomas is a Fibers Artist. So, touch is an important aspect of her work. She often designs a piece with the intention that people will want to reach into it to experience the texture and form. As a fibers artist for more than 50 years, she has worked most often with fabrics, yarns, fleece, and beads to create wall hangings, sculptural forms, dolls, fetishes, vessels, and jewelry. There are several themes that drive her work: miniatures; environment sculptures; incorporation and exploration of “recycled” materials (“found objects”); responses to events; places; things; philosophical dilemmas; serendipity and whimsey .
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