Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Lynn Goldberg

Glorious Garden

Spruce root frame is woven with reed, then embellished with waxed linen, glass beads and crochet flowers of wool and synthetic yarns.

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H: 12" | W: 13" | D: 10"
Lynn Goldberg
Millis MA
My primary interest in basket making is the rib style basket. I have been making them since the early 1980’s and teaching and selling them as well since that time. My baskets incorporate several different materials such as sea grass, cane, jute and other fibers and both flat and round reed. Sometimes I use colored reed mixed with natural ones. I likes to use grapevine, honeysuckle and mountain laurel for the handles, allowing the natural bends and curves to dictate the shape of the final basket.
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