Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Carolyn Halliday

Fragile Moments

Found wood, stitching, animal membrane

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H: 5" | W: 4" | D: 4"
Carolyn Halliday
Minneapolis MN
Materiality, textile tradition stretched to the non-traditional, and ecological/evolutionary/biological concerns form the triad that drives my work.I use the vocabulary of textiles to create sculptural forms that reflect my experiences with nature. My art practice involves daily walks along a creek in my urban environment where I use Instagram to document my observations of nature’s fluctuation and the persistent patterns of nature. Sometimes I collect dead wood selected for the presence of decay from insects and erosion. I use the holes to inform my design choices of where to stitch to embellish and repair. They leave traces of their existence and I add traces of mine.
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