Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Cynthia Knight


Plastic bag strips coiled around baling twine.

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H: 2 3/4" | W: 7 1/2" | D: 2 3/4"
Cynthia Knight
Acworth NH
I enjoy making baskets from materials I find around me; yarn, baling twine, plastic bags, cotton string, leftover material and paper. In the beginning, I used the baling twine from the bales on the farm. I found a book on how to weave a basket and I used the baling twine. Then I found a pattern to make a basket using the Equisetum plant (Horse Tail). I gathered the equisetum and made several small baskets. After I retired from teaching Math, I began exploring YouTube to use my leftover plastic bags to make baskets. I found out how to start a coiled basket using yarn and plastic strips. I developed my own way of coiling plastic around baling twine. The baling twine was stiffer than the materials being used and could hold a shape better. I re
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