Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Claudia Mullek

Flower Pot

Waxed linen, copper wire. Plain oblique twining (split ply braiding) with fenestrations

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H: 6" | W: 4.5" | D: 4.5"
Claudia Mullek
Entiat WA
Basket weaving combines my passion for color with my love of patterns and textures. I am intrigued by the three dimensional form. I begin with an idea and consider different ways to achieve my vision. I take risks as I explore new concepts, some of which challenge traditional construction methods. I combine materials and processes, going beyond the ordinary, to give the unexpected to the usual. Each vessel evolves as I manipulate the fibers and its beauty is revealed. It is gratifying to bring something from my imagination into this world. I am enjoying my journey along this unique trail!
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