Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Judith Saunders

Ever Changing

Ever Changing transitions from a simple rectangular base as elements are added in a diagonal stair step pattern on both the front and back resulting in a larger oval form. Additional changes include the fold over pointed row, pleating that reduces the number of elements resulting in a narrower oval straight plaited neck. Surface curls are used below the stair steps to exaggerate the change as elements were added.

exhibition award
Exhibition Committee Award
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H: 9" | W: 8.5" | D: 7.5"
Judith Saunders
Norfolk VA
My weaving reflects exploration and discovery, pushing my own boundaries. I continue to be amazed that both angular and beautifully curved forms can be created using only flat elements and basic over-one, under-one weaving. My materials of choice include painted watercolor papers and copper, or combinations of the two. The technique used most often is bias plaiting.
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