Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Sally Raskoff

Eat Your Greens

Ply-Split from handmade tencel and cotton cords.

exhibition award
Award: “Nano” – smallest piece
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H: 0.5" | W: 4" | D: 4"
Sally Raskoff
Woodland Hills CA
I weave, ply-split, twine, coil, braid, knot, and embroider to balance and express the world in which I am immersed. Fiber links us to history and social realities in ways that few other mediums offer. Inspired by nature and societal events, I use equipment powered by my own hand as these fiber techniques balance the intensity of technology usage that dominates the other elements of my life. Much of my work reflects the natural world thus it may look fragile or chaotic yet it is resilient and robust.
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