Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Malle Whitaker

Covid CrowBells

Weaving, twining and knotting using waxed Irish Linen thread. Each vessel contains a small metal jingle bell.

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H: each 6" | W: each 2" | D: each 2"
Malle Whitaker
Palm Beach FL
I discovered my passion for basketmaking about 20 years ago, weaving traditional, utilitarian forms. My sculptural pieces evolved from my need to change the pattern a little bit or add different materials with the reeds. My latest series of waxed linen thread vessels, each containing a jingle bell, was inspired by a crow who left a shiny bell on my balcony in exchange for a forgotten bowl of nuts. I created the closed-form vessels to honor and protect the bell and ... just for fun. When the Covid pandemic struck, my CrowBells lost their bright colors, and I found myself using only shades of white linen thread to weave and twine. Lately my colors have returned, like bits of confetti, and now full burst again!
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