Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Lisa Galbraith Heyl

Coups de Foudre Ombre

This three-color, continuous weave reverse twill cathead vessel, with an additional collar rim, is comprised of over 30 steps. It is made with paper and hand painted with acrylic paint, using an ombre design of metallic copper and teal for the vertical spokes, and gold metallic weavers for the horizontal zig zag weavers. Spokes and weavers are machine cut, and the interior and exterior rims are hand cut and lashed on with waxed linen thread. The collar rim is hand woven separately with a reverse twill pattern, lashed onto the vessel, and then finished with hand braided cording trim.

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H: 14.75" | W: 9.5" | D: 9.5"
Lisa Galbraith Heyl
Excelsior MN
I’m drawn to the complexities of rhythms and the movement I can create as a three-dimensional fiber artist, using traditional and contemporary basketry techniques to design woven vessels. My background as a dancer, choreographer, and Alexander Technique teacher gives me a unique perspective and opportunity in exploring movement and tension in shaping three-dimensional art. I use paper, acrylic paints, waxed thread, and often embellish with a variety of components. Most of my vessels involve over thirty, fifty, and one hundred steps from start to finish. The colors, twill patterns, and textures help accentuate and syncopate the rhythms and dimensions. I know when a piece is finished, it sings…and tells its own tale of intrigue and paradox.
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