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NBO Members Exhibition

Diana Sanderson

Broom Basket

Rattan, sorghum, waxed linen, mulberry paper, gut, natural dyes, wire and ceranchia silk

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H: 12" | W: 24" | D: 12"
Diana Sanderson
Vancouver British Columbia
Diana Sanderson has spent decades indulging her fascination with the inherent qualities of silk by dyeing and weaving it to create distinctive textiles. Her journey has seen a fascination with the marriage between colour and silk. She continues to explore her love of colour through the complex multiple dye processes she has developed over the years. Diana’s is continuing her exploration of natural materials but now branching out into naturally dyed three dimensional work, still using silk but adding gut, wire and other structural materials like branches, twigs and vines. These new materials and forms offer her endless fascination and challenges as she endeavours to combine them in ways that highlight their inherent characteristics.
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