Every 1 - 2022

NBO Members Exhibition

Sally Prangley

Acrobat Basket

The Acrobat Basket is inspired by trapeze and high wire artists. It visualizes a delicate balance between its many linear shapes. Made with annealed steel wire, I weave the base, then angle and shape the spokes upward for the sides where they eventually attach to the asymmetrical rim. I add separate wire, both horizontally and vertically; none is continuous around the circumference or from the base to the rim. Mat board defines areas that get color, and is the surface for the tissue papers that I add with brush and glue. I use colored pencil to add subtle patterns to each paper tile. The finished Acrobat Basket is strong and is finished with a clear sealant for use.

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H: 11" | W: 9" | D: 9"
Sally Prangley
Seattle WA
My art is about making real things that visualize ideas, reflect emotions, and show a sense of humor or wit. I appreciate the process of taking coiled wire on a spool, combining it with flat paper or found objects, and transforming these materials into unexpected 3-dimensional objects. The wire is my outline, the paper or objects my illustration, filling in the details within the wire shapes. All my work is made with a specific concept in mind. Some represent places I have traveled to, others are based on emotions, reflect puns, or are about memories lost in time. I aim to provoke reactions, stimulate memories, create smiles, and make connections.
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