Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Paula Baumann

Wind and Unwind

Coiled basket using turquoise paper yarn on nylon rope. Unwound paper yarn is used to embellish the top four rows.

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H: 5 inches" | W: 6.25 inches" | D: 5 inches"
Paula Baumann
Apex NC
Vessels are receptacles that hold, support, carry, and contain. As I create each piece, whether large or small, I feel a sense of surround and continuity by building row upon row. The materials that I use, such as paper yarn and waxed linen, are both strong and flexible to characterize the role that baskets often play in a home or office. Whether decorative or practical I strive for excellent craft as my commitment to the owner. European paper yarn, for example, is generally used for tying carpets thus the bold colors. When the yarn is opened by soaking in water and untwisting, it exhibits a Shibori effect that is softer in look. There is a texture to the yarn when coiled in its original form just as there is when unwound.
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