Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Lee Sipe

Vessel No. 386

Intricate and precise twined copper wire interspaced with hammered ends formed into striking shapes. Each vessel conveys a sense of peace, innovation, and order.
Very fine copper wire is twined around heavier gauge copper spokes. Different colored wire is gradually added to the five or more strands being twined to give unique and interesting color to the vessel. Each spoke, made of varying gauges of copper wire, is individually forged. The bead-appearing tip of the spoke is melted copper.

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H: 8" | W: 13" | D: 13"
Lee Sipe
Columbia SC
Copper or silver-plated wire twined around copper wire spokes with forged tips formed into intricate, precise, and striking shapes. Each vessel conveys a sense of peace, beauty, innovation, and order. "I want to create vessels that give people as much pleasure to view as they gave me to create," the artist says. “The thrill of creating unique pieces energizes me. Each new piece gives me ideas for additional new creations.”
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