Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Judy Gibson King


Colorful print fabric from a thrift store skirt, black fabric from a well worn clergy shirt, beads salvaged from a broken necklace and a metal disk left over from a previous project all came together in this basket. It is made in three sections and hand stitched together. The gold thread that runs through the print fabric gives the finished piece an elegant glow.

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H: 8" | W: 8" | D: 8"
Judy Gibson King
Temple TX
I enjoy giving vintage fabrics a new life. I work primarily with cotton and silk, transforming kitchen aprons, bridesmaid dresses and other items into unique textile baskets that are both functional and beautiful. Most of the time the fabric allows me to create the shape I have in mind, but occasionally it surprises me. Color, texture and shape are the primary elements in each basket along with a touch of whimsy.
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