Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Nancy Bindig


Vessel made of twined and triple randed natural round reed and palm inflorescence. Tapestry insert twined with imitation sinew and waxed linen and embellished with wooden and bone beads.

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H: 9.5" | W: 6.5" | D: 5"
Nancy Bindig
Merritt Island FL
The visual arts and nature, as well as the diversity found in basketry techniques and methods, have all influenced me. But it’s in our physical and natural world, spending time outdoors, that I’m most informed and inspired. For me, forms, shapes, colours and textures found there provide an endless source of lessons and inspiration and lend themselves beautifully when combined with basketry or any other art form. The act of making and the creative process also can move me to a different place- the making is just the vehicle... I love to create and educate others on the diverse ways that art can help us change, express, reflect, and bring wellness and balance to our lives. Basketry often is the vehicle that does just that for me.
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