Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Amy Sunshine

Starry Night

After years of twining baskets, this was my first knotted piece – spawning a new passion (Yay! A technique that’s even SLOWER than twining!) I used a mix of waxed linen, waxed poly and polished cotton, partially knotted over a styrofoam core.

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H: 1" | W: 6" | D: 6"
Amy Sunshine
Denville NJ
I am a fiber artist based in New Jersey. All my work is infused with color and a bit of whimsy, using traditional forms in new and unexpected ways. From handwoven baskets to mixed media hoop art, each piece is intricate and time-consuming, truly a labor of love. I hope my work will bring a smile and help us remember for a moment that yes, life can be beautiful.
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