Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

David Bacharach


Woven copper strip, various widths; a combination of a mad weave that segues into a diagonal weave. Copper nitrate and ammonia patinas.

AWARD: Exhibition Committee Award
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H: 43" | W: 19" | D: 17.5"
David Bacharach
Cockeysville MD
My work was initially small abstract/figurative bronze sculptures. As the work expanded in size, I grew tired of traditional, measured, laborious metalworking methods necessary to create sculpture. I felt constrained; the spontaneity of my earlier work was eroded by adhering to age-old metal technology. Eventually, I experimented with a new approach to sculpture employing fiber/basketry techniques, substituting metal wire and strip for the fiber. The new processes evolved; weaving, plaiting, and twining allowed me to create large metal forms faster. The more intuitive manner of manipulating metal had by the late 70’s merged off-loom weaving with basketry techniques enabling me to create large forms and complex surfaces.
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