Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Cathryn Peters

Silent Whispers from the East

The focus of this rib-style antler wall piece is the two naturally shed fallow deer antlers in the center. Oriental seagrass and dyed coconut coir make up the center top sunburst form on a smoked round reed framework. The lower portion of the piece is woven using dyed and natural rattan reed, seagrass, and coconut coir over round rattan reed spokes.

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H: 43" | W: 42" | D: 7"
Cathryn Peters
Hudson WI
I create original design, one-of-a-kind, rib-style antler basket sculptures incorporating deer, elk, fallow, or moose antlers with naturally gathered materials and commercially sourced rattan reed. The antler is an integral part of the basket and is positioned either as the handle or focal point of the sculptures. When embarking on a new creation, I sit quietly with the antler, listening to it whisper and “speak” to me. The spirit of the antler leads me to the form my hands are to explore, guiding me through the completed piece. Since designing and weaving my first antler basket in 1990, the creation process has always grounded me; I connect with the Universe and all she presents while performing the age-old craft of basketweaving.
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