Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Elizabeth Whyte Schulze

Red Hat

Pine needles, raffia, paint, paper.  My basketry sculptures tell a story of my travels and celebrate the importance of women in today’s world. In this piece, the gathered women include a tattooed woman, a pink hat girl, a girl wearing fashionable rabbit ears, a Mighty Mouse girl, a burka clad woman and RGB to emphasize the need for all women to join together for a better future.

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H: 17" | W: 16.5" | D: 9"
Elizabeth Whyte Schulze
Worthington MA
My interest in textiles, baskets, petroglyphs and archaeological sites throughout the world has led me to travel to destinations with ancient ruins, bustling markets, painted caves and world heritage sites. My 2020/2021 baskets sculptures reflect impressions of a tour to Morocco.
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