Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Barbara J. Walker

Paracas V

Materials: Artist-made 4-ply linen cords
Technique: Ply-splitting

AWARD: “Labyrinthian” – most complex
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H: 9.5" | W: 4.75" | D: 4.75"
Barbara J. Walker
Salem OR
As a lifelong avid puzzle solver, interpreting ancient Peruvian textile motifs and bringing them to fruition is the ultimate puzzle to solve in my work. Ply-splitting (elements move through each other rather than over and under) is my portable technique. It allows me to replicate the ancient motifs, originally fashioned in cloth with loop twining. This is the fifth in my Paracas series. The first involved many hours of trial and error to determine how to create motifs in three dimensions. Paracas V is the most complex due to the use of three pattern colors. I freely admit to being addicted to these mental puzzles and seeing a vessel materialize. There are mixed emotions when one ends, joy certainly, but I must start another immediately!
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