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NBO Members Exhibition

Sharon Kita

Nothing’s Written in Stone (a play on words)

This basket began as my comment on our current society but evolved as a play on words. Does it mean, “nothing is” or “nothing” plural? It became an interactive basket as family and friends wrote “nothing” on stones and then tried to find their own nothing stone on the finished basket. I also had fun when people asked, “What’s this basket about?” and I could answer…”nothing!” Later they asked, “how’s Nothing progressing?”! It is a hand-sewn, coiled basket using upholstery welting and sewing thread. It is decorated with a variety of papers, the stones with “nothing” written on them by family and friends, sequins, beads, pins, waxed linen cord, and paint.

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H: 9.5" | W: 10" | D: 6.5"
Sharon Kita
Seattle WA
I make contemporary baskets from a variety of ordinary materials. The foundation of each basket begins with a traditional basketry technique. This base becomes the canvas onto which I add decorations and embellishments. My baskets represent a variety of techniques, colors, and styles. My goal is to create interesting, eye-catching and well-constructed pieces. I try to push each basket to the next level by adding details that hopefully invite people to take a longer look. I am a member of Vi Phillips Basket Guild, the National Basketry Organization and the NW Designer Craftsmen Guild. I have exhibited in local, national, and Canadian juried shows as well as private galleries.
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