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NBO Members Exhibition

Bonnie Zimmer

My Gaia

“Gaia” is considered the ancestral mother of life, the Primal Mother Earth goddess… With this sculpture, my goal was to create a larger than life goddess figure that embodies the concept of “Earth Mother” through my personal aesthetic. She is created with a variety of materials, including several “cast” pieces from my niece’s face and my hands, gold leafed, corn husks, stalks, and tassels, curly willow, and several amazing found objects that crossed my path as I was creating her. Her “basketry” coiled bodice exceeded my expectations in defining and adorning “Gaia”. This photo does not show the 12′ diameter installation of natural objects that surrounds her wide, corn stalk skirt all honoring Mother Nature to the fullest.

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H: 7'" | W: 5'" | D: 5'"
Bonnie Zimmer
Rensselaer IN
Whether a basket form, sculpture, or installation, my work is always grounded in textile traditions, informed and inspired by nature and indigenous makers. I often work with materials I gather from the woods and fields surrounding our rural home. I am a lifelong ‘magpie’ for collecting interesting objects I encounter in the street or along the roadside. By salvaging these items and re-presenting them, I am also commenting on our material culture and throwaway society. When I very selectively incorporate these objects into my work, I am expressing gratitude for the earth’s gifts of resources. Mostly, I am the artist teacher always trying to grow as an artist while attempting to expand my viewers’ ideas of what art can be...
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