Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Malle Whitaker

“Murder” of CrowBells

Each CrowBell is a hand-woven, waxed-linen thread vessel, encasing a jingling bell.

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H: each 6" | W: each 2" | D: each 2"
Malle Whitaker
Palm Beach FL
I discovered my passion for basketmaking about twenty-five years ago, weaving traditional, utilitarian forms. My sculptural pieces evolved from a need to "change the pattern little bit" or add different materials with the reeds. I often build my basket shapes on stoneware or wooden bases using natural and dyed round reed with materials that included feathers, dracaena and iris leaves, horsehair, and broom straw. My latest series of waxed-linen thread vessels, each containing a jingle bell, was inspired by a crow who left a shiny bell on my balcony in exchange for a forgotten bowl of nuts. I created the closed-form vessels to honor and protect the bell (I purchased more), and ... just for fun.
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