Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Anne Bowers

Multi Colored Egg Basket

The traditional Appalachian dressed in multiple colors and a fancy handle that emphasizes its bodacious shape. Note color changes on the handle, within the god’s eyes and use of primary, secondary and tertiary dyed ribs.

AWARD: “Prismatastic” – most colorful
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H: 16" | W: 18 1/2" | D: 12"
Anne Bowers
Kearneysville WV
Almost 40 years have gone by since I was first introduced to the world of basketry and now, I see the world through the eyes of a basket maker. For me, repetition was a great teacher – at times, a taskmaster – and I made and sold baskets for many years. My years of production weaving are past, but I still have a basket in my hands most days, either designing, dyeing, making or getting ready to teach a class. From traditional rib work to sculptural work, I am in the zone. Basketry is my familiar world and I am most thankful for that!
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