Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Danielle Bodine

Metamorphosis Shield

Sculpture created by casting mulberry and recycled papers on a sled, removed, reformed, stitched, painted, burned, stamped, collaged prints, and stamped.

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H: 52" | W: 8.5" | D: 4"
Danielle Bodine
Clinton WA
I had been making masks for family and friends at the beginning of the pandemic and then decided to do a series of cast paper “Shields” addressing the concept of using protection during these unique times. Whether it’s PPE shields to protect from COVID, or the shields used by police during the protests, or some protesters using umbrellas as shields…. all are seeking protection in some form. The surfaces of my shields are collaged and painted with graffiti addressing current political, social, economic, environmental, and health issues and unrest, but they also speak to future hope, healing, and peace.
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