Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Linda Scherz

Mage Vaz

Mage Vaz is the latest waxed linen design completed in 2021. Twined and quad twined with 7 ply waxed linen and various sizes of magatama beads. The shape came as I pictured a bowl in the air with flowing edges. The twined base has a ring of muted beads for accent. A combination of muted and shiny beads are incorporated throughout the basket. Additional spokes were added to create the outer twined bowl with footed pedestal as well as embellishment to the rim.

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H: 1.5" | W: diameter 3.25" | D: "
Linda Scherz
Rome NY
Once introduced to basketry it quickly became an integral part of my life. Working with a variety of materials is inspiring and exciting. Waxed linen lends itself to unique shaping, wonderful to work with and relaxing for me. My love for design, color and pattern if reflected in each new piece. Teaching allows me to share my knowledge and love for basketry with others and is very fulfilling.
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