Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Sally Prangley

Kaleidoscope Basket

Inspired by the fractals seen through kaleidoscopes, this basket explores visual play with impromptu shapes in wire and paper. The Kaleidoscope Basket is a traditional basket in the woven wire base; the rest is shaped freehand with wire added in swirls and angles to create the sides and eventually the rim. The most intriguing decision points in making this basket are choosing which spaces get color and which will remain open. White mat board is used to create the sub-surface for the colorful handmade and tissue papers that are applied with brush and glue. The papers are sealed for protection and use. Vintage buttons are used for the center point in the base.

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H: 14" | W: 7" | D: 7"
Sally Prangley
Seattle WA
Creating basketry is like drawing elegant three-dimensional shapes in the air. Wire, paper, and found objects are the materials I use. The wire serves as the outline, the paper or found objects the illustration, filling in the details within the wire framework. The titles of my artwork hint at the concepts behind them, which most often are life experiences, puns, and emotions. I work primarily with annealed steel wire for its relative ease in assuming and maintaining the shapes I want. I appreciate the process of taking tightly coiled wire on a spool and combining it with paper/objects and transforming these materials into unexpected 3-dimensional shapes.
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