Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Mieke Langenhuizen


Fusion is made from several pieces of data cable in 3 colors. The technique is lacemaking. It’s made with my own village in my mind. My village was in the old days actually 3 very little villages and in 1921 they were brought together into one village. This piece stands for those 3 villages brought into one village.

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H: 37.4" | W: 9.8" | D: 3.9"
Mieke Langenhuizen
Veldhoven Netherlands
I am a basketmaker and artist from the Netherlands. I started as a traditional willow basketmaker but in the meanwhile I graduated from the Art Academy as a Textile artist. I love to work with all kinds of materials as long they are pliable enough. So it's going from natural materials to the artificial ones. I love to teach and learn the people my skills.
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