Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Cathie Wier

Floating Leaves

Materials: Artist-made 4-ply cords of raffia.
Technique: Ply-split braiding.

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H: 11" | W: 11" | D: 11"
Cathie Wier
Port Townsend WA
I am a weaver who loves three-dimensional work. I weave tubes and manipulate my weavings off the loom. Ply-split braiding was a natural extension, allowing me to “weave” when I traveled. Ply split braiding is an ancient technique from northwest India for making camel girths and other animal regalia. A four-ply cord is split with a special tool and another cord is pulled through, essentially weaving the cords together in a variety of patterns. Ply-split braiding lends itself to creating vessels and I enjoy exploring various forms and pushing the technique by continuously asking “what if” as the form grows. I wind my own 4-ply cords which allows me to blend yarns from my weaving stash and experiment with raffia and other interesting yarns.
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