Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Polly Jacobs Giacchina


Extension was sparked by the title word. A break in the weaving to expose the interior was intentional. The materials and salvaged metal are bound together to invite a closer look of the sculpture.

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H: 23" | W: 4" | D: 3"
Polly Jacobs Giacchina
La Mesa CA
Passion, creativity and imagination drive my work. For me there is inspiration in nature, life’s experiences, and specific words. Choosing fiber to build my sculpture enables me to find the flexibility, undulation and the tactile nature of both natural and man-made materials. Woven shapes and forms are made to convey and suggest relationships. Sculptural wall forms communicate experiences of materiality and the environment. I use a multitude of handweaving techniques that are ancient practices and yet they guide me to contemporary expressions. There is the sense of completion with reinterpreted natural materials, conveying my design ideas.
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