Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Saaraliisa Ylitalo


My husband died suddenly in 2015. This piece is part of a series in which I am exploring memory and how no matter what we do it fades. We cannot hold on to memory. Nets are meant to catch things, but not our memories. The netting is hand knotted from pine paper and spun with mulberry paper, also it is dyed with indigo.

AWARD: Exhibition Committee Award
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H: 48" | W: 36" | D: "
Saaraliisa Ylitalo
Reston VA
I have been working in the textile arts for over 45 years. My workhas always been a reflection of events, real and psychological. So in that way my work has been about the natural weather in our lives betweenturbulent and calm times. Between hope and despair. Reallyabout our broken places and how we deal with them.
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