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NBO Members Exhibition

Nancy Wood


Made with paper rush, the goal was to control the form and make a minimal clean piece. A biologist by day and working in a lab, it reminded me of the Erlenmeyer flasks that I often use, hence the name. I’ve gone on to make a beaker and am working on a woven graduated cylinder!

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H: 9.5" | W: 7.5" | D: 7.5"
Nancy Wood
Somerville MA
I enrolled in my first class, Sculptural Weaving, in 2017. It was not until the pandemic, however, that there was finally time to explore what I had learned and experiment with ideas. Digging out notes saved from class and enrolling in an on-line class helped to jumpstart my return to weaving. Biomorphic shapes and objects that reference natural forms resonate with me. I don’t have a specific idea at the beginning-the shape emerges as I work and when it starts to take on an organic shape, I go with it. Being new to this artform, there’s a lot of trial and error involved as well as pleasant surprises. The most awkward pieces are often my favorites.
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