Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Brian Jenkins


Driftwood, with black walnut dyed reed, red cedar bark, seagrass, honeysuckle, brown ash, yucca, and cane.

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H: 8.5" | W: 10" | D: 1.5"
Brian Jenkins
Monmouth Junction NJ
My inspiration springs from my reverence of nature. I began making baskets over thirty years ago, and at first used only wild vines. They taught me to listen to the creative voice that each has and collaborate with it. Over the years I’ve come to utilize many more materials in my weaving explorations, and my art has evolved to include vessels, wall hangings, and sculptural basketry. In each piece I honor my transformed elements, and attempt to intuitively capture the essence of those components. The driftwood or antler or vine I am working with often guides me in unexpected and beautiful directions as each piece develops. My ideal is to create symmetry and balance with the different textures, shapes, and colors of the natural world.
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