Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Shirley Eichten Albrecht

Dance of Color

This gourd sculpture is actually woven on two sides using Waxed Linen and fine yarns. The colors are reminiscence of the sunsets of Sedona, Arizona. The other side of the gourd is woven like a spider’s web, again using warm, earthy colors. The final touch was using red bone to create a necklace.

Each gourd I weave on speaks to me in different ways. I find that I tend to go with Native American colors and themes. I can’t explain it but it comes through to me loud and clear. Living in the Southwest has also had a large influence in my work.

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H: 15" | W: 7.5" | D: 7.5"
Shirley Eichten Albrecht
Sedona AZ
My weaving has been a real evolution from traditional to sculptural. I just continue to explore the possibilities and the materials whether it is gourds, raku or tradition weaving materials.
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