Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Charissa B Brock

Cloud of Shells

A group of six spiraling forms which have been created out of bamboo, glass, thread, and steel. Created for the ceiling of a private home.

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H: 96" | W: 120" | D: 120"
Charissa B Brock
Aloha OR
My work method stems from an interest in the complex structure of bamboo and its unlimited potential as an art material. Bamboo’s repetition of nodes, its hollow structure, and its flexibility create a challenge and versatility I enjoy working with. Bamboo, a continually renewable resource, grows in a way that makes it easy to gather without worry about harming the plant. When I work I develop a system for creating a structure. Some systems, like stacking split bamboo pieces into progressively smaller rows, I have been using for years. I consider each of these systems to be like a sentence in a paragraph that tells a story-a part of my visual vocabulary.
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