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NBO Members Exhibition

Vicki Phillips

Beauty From Beneath

I made my “Beauty From Beneath” pine needle basket using several shades of dyed blue Longleaf pine needles, blue and white artificial sinew, ceramic Peruvian beluga whale beads and a Brazilian blue crystallized agate set in resin base. I placed the beluga whale beads around the entire basket so they look like the are happily swimming and frolicking in the sea. I combined white and blue artificial sinew in a pattern on the top rows to look like waves and whitecaps.

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H: 7.25" | W: 11" | D: 11"
Vicki Phillips
Gig Harbor WA
I learned how to make pine needle baskets in 1986 and have had a passion for this craft ever since. A bit of my spirit goes into each of my one-of-a-kind basket creations. I hope my baskets will provide some of the peace and happiness they bring me as I am making them. After all of these years, I am still amazed at how something as simple as a bundle of pine needles can be transformed into something useful and beautiful. My baskets are an eclectic collection based on many years of self-taught experimentation of playing with pine needles! Enjoy!
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