Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Ron Wilson


Twined waxed linen and upholstery cord. A study in adding spokes, many many spokes. A waxed linen start (radial bottom) took on a life of its own when I started experimenting with adding spokes while keeping the radial pattern of color. Eventually, the idea of a flower petal “blossomed” and many more spokes were added to force the folding and wavy effect to suggest a rippled multi-colored flower. The base roots flowed from an upholstery cord start left over from an Ann Coddington class.

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H: 10" | W: 7" | D: 5"
Ron Wilson
Carlsbad CA
I have been plaiting, twining and twilling with various natural media since 2013. I especially enjoy learning and experimenting with new and interesting materials, methods and techniques.
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