Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Jennifer Tang-Limon


This twined waxed linen basket was inspired by the United States of America and the celebration of Independence Day. It is an expression of love and gratitude. While some people were expressing dissatisfaction with the country in 2020, my family was expressing thanks for opportunities to have a better life than what we would have had in China.

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H: 2.75" | W: 3" | D: 3"
Jennifer Tang-Limon
Agua Dulce CA
My exploration in basketry began over 25 years ago while living in Virginia and attending college. After all these years, I still enjoy learning new techniques and experimenting with different materials, whether it is in a workshop or on my own. My days are usually hectic and stressful with work and other obligations, so twining with waxed linen is often where I express creativity and find peace. Many of my baskets are made when traveling which means they typically are no larger than 3 inches in any direction. Small enough to fit in a bag and go anywhere.
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