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NBO Members Exhibition

Jan Omey

African Dream

This basket has a base of an old wooden bowl that was cracked and worn.  I cleaned it and refinished with stain and polyurethane spray.  The design on the rim of the bowl is hand painted to look like mud cloth design from Africa.  The basket portion is of reeds and beads (some from Africa).  The center portions of the weaving is done with fiber from date palm seed pods.

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H: 10" | W: 12" | D: "
Jan Omey
Bellingham WA
Three years ago I had a prolonged hospital stay with an unidentified virus that had me in sepsis when admitted to the ER. During the course of that hospitalization, I had many tests run to determine the cause of my conditions. One day a neurologist came into my room and asked if I was an artist. I asked why he wanted to know. He said that my brain scan showed the creative side of my brain was well developed. Also, I hadn't had the usual shrinkage expected in a person of 83. Since that time I have done some reading and I am of the belief that older people benefit in many ways from engaging in creative hobbies, art, crafts, what have you. By joining groups that foster that interest and the simple act of socializing with others in intellectually stimulating activities will increase the quality of one's life. I believe that my basketry has enhanced my life a great deal and brought me great joy.
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