Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Kathleen Baker

A Wing and A Prayer(for those lost to Covid)

This is a personal memorial to those lost to Covid. The pedestal basket is inspired by the Native American burden basket. Indigenous people have been hardest hit by the pandemic in New Mexico. The 285 ceramic wings are symbolic of the number of people lost in my county when I began the project in March of 2021. This piece has been an inspiration to create a permanent, larger outdoor metal sculpture at the Agave Gallery (The Wings Project) where community members will engage in workshops to hang personalized wings symbolizing their losses during the pandemic.

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H: 18" | W: 12" | D: 18"
Kathleen Baker
Las Cruces NM
My love of fiber translates into basket making, hand dyeing, weaving and spinning. I am happiest when I can combine fiber and ceramics.
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