Every 1 - 2021

NBO Members Exhibition

Ann B. Coddington


Twined linen. This piece is comprised of 144,000 “stitches”, with each movement of the weft representing one life. I wanted to reify the vast numbers of lives being lost during the Covid pandemic.

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H: 74" | W: 14" | D: 10"
Ann B. Coddington
Champaign IL
The fiber techniques I use are drawn from the ancient craft of basketry. The hand-made object is increasingly alienated from the technological reality of our everyday life. We spend our days scrolling and clicking, searching through bits of data, not actually feeling and sensing, but instead, digitally experiencing a virtual world. In my work, I am moving in the opposite direction, reducing my art-making to elemental, physical, and tangible processes, to a human action that remains within my grasp. My art is my voice, more than my words and in my work, feeling overshadows knowing.
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