Virtually Woven 2021

Join the National Basketry Organization for Virtually Woven, 2+ days of inspiration and celebration.

Thursday, July 29 Opening Event

3:00 pm – We will enjoy a free afternoon/evening featuring the opening of NBO’s inclusive online members’ exhibition  Every  1, along with program previews.

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Virtually Woven’s fee-based programs continue Friday and Saturday.

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Daily Schedule ( Please note: All times are Pacific Daylight Time.)

Friday, July 30th Programs



9:00-10:30 am: Contemporary Innovations: Traditional Materials and Techniques

We will focus on the journey from traditional basketry to the experimental use of traditional materials. Our discussion will involve using traditional materials as a platform for the creative voice, how these materials enhance creative expression and what pushes artists from traditional techniques to contemporary voice.

Host: Annetta Kraayeveld

Panelists: Deloss Webber, Peeta Tinay, Katherine Lewis


Shown from left: Peeta Tinay, Deloss Webber, Katherine Lewis





10:30-11:00    Break

11:00-11:50     Hosted Lunch: Meet-up



12:00-1:30 Sculptural Basketry

Join a panel of artists who expand the definition of basketry with experimental approaches and techniques. These artists incorporate diverse materials such as paper, bamboo, metal, linen, wire, and found objects to create a variety of forms, including vessels, wall works and installations.

Host: Emily Dvorin

Panelists: Lynne Francis-Lunn, Ann Coddington, Mo Kelman


Shown from left: Ann Coddington, Lynne Francis-Lunn, Mo Kelman





Saturday, July 31st  Programs



9:00-10:30 am: Material Celebration

This presentation will focus on how artists honor and celebrate their material through the making of objects which incorporate aspects of basketry. The story of how an artist discovered their material, how they gather or prepare their material, and how their material informs their work will all be presented and discussed.

Host: Charissa Brock

Panelists: Joel Allen, David Paul Bacharach, Christine Clark, Barbara De Pirro


Shown from left: Joe Allen, Christine Clark, David Paul Bacharach, Barbara DePirro



10:30-11:00 Break

11:00-11:50  Hosted Lunch: Show and Tell – bring your work to share and discuss with other participants.



12:00-1:30  Vessel: Form and Concept

Meet three prolific artists who address social issues in three-dimensional forms made of concrete, reed, wire, and yarn. During this session, each artist will discuss their background and how they use materials to create hollow vessels that contain weighted concepts addressing self-liberation, border control, systems of power, and queerness.

Host: Amie Adelman

Panelists: Sarita Westrup, Sarah Zapata, Diedrick Brackens


Shown from left: Diedrick Brackens, Sarita Westrup, Sarah Zapata






2:00 pm  Join us for this fun closing event. We’ll have cocktails toasting to the close of Virtually Woven, with a recipe provided closer to the event. We are also planning to  give out special awards to Every 1 participants.

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Members & non-members – $50

Student/Apprentice – $25 (with Student ID or letter from the person you are apprenticing with) For student registration: contact NBO Registrar