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Helen Leaf

Helen Leaf

I work with ply-split braiding and fibre basketry techniques, making bowls, baskets and vessels. Wool is my preferred weaving fibre, and I also work with bark and plant fibres. I make my own tools and draw on a range of skills, sometimes combining my work with carved antler, wood or stone. My inspiration comes from […]

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Candace Pratt

As a child, I dreamed of being an astronaut; as an adult, scuba diving the coral reefs of the Pacific has fulfilled that other-worldly vision. It was these treasured times with individuals from these island nations that led me to search for symbols of world unity in this time of global crises. I was drawn

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Judy King - Canyon Echos

Judy Gibson King

Inspired by my grandmother who made colorful quilts using fabric from flour sacks and worn-out clothing, I enjoy giving vintage fabrics a new life. I work primarily with cotton and silk, transforming aprons, dresses and other items into unique textile baskets that are both functional and beautiful. The use of upcycled textiles brings an eco-friendly

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Eric Taylor

Eric Jon Taylor is an award-winning professional black ash basket maker, woodworker and trusted teacher. He designs and creates all his baskets, including processing his own materials, original patterns and making the molds. In 2000, Eric decided to stop making reproduction baskets where he apprenticed and went on his own, designing his own unique line.

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Paula Baumann

Basketry takes many forms with unlimited materials.  It speaks to me of being held and cradled.  Each one or series shares Paula’s interest in exploring materials in dimensional ways by using waxed linen, hand dyed cord, paper yarn, wire and printmaking materials to create vessels. More about Paula at her website: Coils Twines and Knots

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Lissa-Jane de Sailles

Lissa-Jane is an Australian fiber artist residing on the South Coast of New South Wales where she teaches and exhibits her work regularly. My inspiration comes from the patterns and repetitive cycles of the natural world. Initially trained as a dancer, the rhythmic movements required in basketry construction allow me to approach my art practice

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Anne Bowers

My very first baskets were made when I was in the Girl Scouts, earning my basket weaving badge. Having grown up in a family where hand skills in many areas were encouraged, basketry was natural for me. Almost 40 years have gone by since I was first introduced to the world of basketry and now,

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Cael Chappell

Some of my earliest memories are of my mom creating beadwork and my dad making things from wood in his shop. From a very young age I was taught an appreciation of handmade objects. I enjoy the challenge of patiently working on a basket and figuring out how to solve challenges along the path to

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Sheri Smith

A passion for color, basketry, fiber and the outdoors has taken me on an exploration in the countless ways a pine needle basket can be created. I recently discovered wine bottle foil. A new use for fine wine! My pieces have been featured in numerous publications both national and international, including  Le Lien Creatif Autumn

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Emily Dvorin

I approach my baskets the way I approach my life: with INNOVATION, IRREVERENCE, and a dash of HUMOR. I never imagined I would stumble upon my artistic passion later in life. As a child, I was encouraged to pursue a “sensible” career. To that end, I studied hard, married young and became a third grade

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