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Basket Reed: Where It Comes From, How It’s Produced

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There are between 550 and 600 species of rattan, which can be found in rainforest areas from South China to Australia and Fiji to West Africa and Madagascar. Basket reed is produced from the core of this thorny palm (mostly genera Calamus, Daemonorops or Plectomia) which grows like a vine into the forest canopy. Rattan …

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Ribbed White oak baskets by Aaron Yakim

NBO member Aaron Yakim is awarded $50,000 USA Fellowship

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USA Fellowships were launched by United States Artists (USA), the national grant-making and advocacy organization, with generous support from the Ford, Rockefeller, Prudential, and Rasmuson Foundations. They state, “Our mission is to invest in America’s finest artists and illuminate the value of artists to society. We believe that imagination and the will to express it …

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Kimono, by Markow & Norris

A Glass Act: The Alchemy and Allure of Markow & Norris

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Since their debut in 2003, the enigmatic duo of Markow & Norris have taken the art world by storm with their revolutionary woven glass sculptures that continue to astonish gallerists and art critics alike. 

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