NBO Hands Announced!

We are excited to share with you the photos chosen for our new rack card! Thanks to everyone who entered the contest; we received almost 90 great images and had a tough time choosing only 8. Here are the winners:

Top row left to right: 
1) Ann Codington’s hands, photo by Robert Petersen
2) Lynette Youson’s hands, photo by Melinda West
3) Cael Chappell’s hands, photo by Mary Chappell
4) Nan MacDonald’s hands, photo by Mac MacDonald
Second row left to right: 
1) Sandra Kehoe’s hands, photo by Sandra Kehoe
2) Sun Smith-Foret’s hands, photo by Dawn Ottensmeier
3) Jo Hart’s hands, photo by George Hart
4) Nicola Solimano’s hands, photo by Sherri West

And below is the new rack card – available at no cost to share with guilds, groups and gatherings. (Contact Us) Our most appreciative thanks to Tony Stubblefield for the layout and design of the new card. We think it is wonderful!

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