Jackie Abrams

I create vessels with texture and color, in forms that are woven, stitched, layered, and constructed. Each vessel can stand alone, or can be connected and related with other pieces in support and unity, often representing a community of women with stories to share.

I collaborate with each piece as it develops, working intuitively, allowing a dialogue to emerge, with the colors and textures of the materials informing the vessels as I create them. My materials may include archival and recycled papers, sand, acrylic paint, silk and cotton fabrics, wire, recycled plastic bags, encaustic wax, thread, buttons, or stones.

As an educator, my craft development workshops with women in Africa and Central America have had a profound influence on my art and on my life. I have learned to simplify, to let the forms and the materials speak for themselves. The fabrics, the colors, the earth, and the people continue to impact the vessels I create.

Featured header image: Bearing Witness, 10 – 14” heights. Wire armatures, mixed media surfaces

Website:  Jackie Abrams