Virginia Fisher

My art comes from questioning what is ‘natural’ and what is ‘made’. Made would reference any object that has a bit of human intervention. How can humans and our products be anything but a natural when we can only create with the elements our world provides? So, hand-made blatantly tells the story of human involvement.

Copper is pulled from the ground and milled by human and their machines but remains one of the basic building blocks of our universe. My work with copper is woven and fabricated to make objects that reference the ‘natural world.’

My weaving shows the work of the hand. The addition of fabricated botanical elements are references to the wild natural world. I work primarily in copper because it is a great conductor. It is my medium that I use to transmit my musings and thoughts to the rest of the world.  Weaving is also usually in to my work because I am always looking for the connections and overlaps in ideas. So then, baskets are the vessels that contain and reveal all of this at once.

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